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Estate planning is a smart way to protect and transfer your property. But it is also an important gesture of compassion toward your loved ones. If you die without a will, your estate — everything you worked so hard to earn — will be transferred according to the states’ default laws instead of your wishes. The Law Office of Karen L. Winters enables clients in Nevada and California to provide clear instructions on how their estate should be handled after their death so that their assets are preserved and their loved ones protected.

Attorneys working with clients to distribute property efficiently

Though many people are familiar with wills, there are other estate planning tools that offer different options and additional benefits for asset protection. These include:

  • Living trusts — A living trust can be an effective tool for anyone who wishes to distribute their property efficiently. This instrument allows people to maintain access to their property while they’re alive, but pass it to beneficiaries without the estate having to go through probate.
  • Tax issues — Some families are not entirely sure of what is in an estate until after the decedent dies. They might be unpleasantly surprised to learn that the estate is subject to a heavy tax. The Law Office of Karen L. Winters will conduct a thorough evaluation of your potential estate tax exposure and find ways to manage it if you’re at risk.
  • Business succession — If you own all or part of a business, you and any co-owners should have explicit plans on how an untimely death will be handled. We can assist with creating clear directions for the allocation of ownership and key responsibilities.

For any estate planning matter, the Law Office of Karen L. Winters delivers knowledgeable advice delivered with an understanding of the sensitive nature of these discussions.

Helping people create and execute clear, authoritative wills

Drafting an authoritative will demands more than just satisfying legal requirements. Our attorneys have the knowledge and skill to develop a comprehensive document that minimizes the possibility of complications later. If you executed a will but have not checked it in a while, we can review it with you to determine if it still accurately represents your assets and wishes.

Drafting living wills to help maintain control over medical choices

If you become too ill or incapacitated to make or express your wishes regarding medical care, you place a heavy burden on your family, who may have to make heart-wrenching decisions without your direction. The Law Office of Karen L. Winters can help you prepare an advance directive, sometimes known as a living will, to specify what types of treatment you want and don’t want administered.

Creating guardianship plans to protect children

Parents of minor sons and daughters should always make legal arrangements for their children’s care if they become orphaned. Our attorneys can work with you on factors to consider when naming guardians. Once you’ve made your decision, we will draft a clear document stating your intentions and can even prepare financial instruments to help fund their education.

Skilled advocacy in probate and will disputes

If you’ve been appointed to execute or administer a will, we can help you navigate the probate process in a timely manner. We are skilled advocates who can assemble and distribute estate assets efficiently and in line with court rules. Should a conflict arise about a decedent’s will or instructions, we will protect your legal rights in probate litigation.

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The Law Office of Karen L. Winters assists individuals and families with estate planning issues, including the creation of wills and trusts. Call 775-386-2142 or contact us online to schedule a meeting.


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